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Trusted products our families can be proud of

We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality functional chocolates in America. From the choice of organic botanicals to the honorably sourced cacao beans, every single chocolate is crafted with the utmost care and dedication by our team.


Nature guides everything we do at Reimagine Wellness, and we make every decision by following these simple principles:

I. Our products will always be inspired in nature. And we strive to have all our processes be sustainable and ethical.

II. Our philosophy is total well being: mind, body and spirit. All of our products work in harmony with each other to support the entourage effect of our botanicals.

III. Our actions will improve the lives of people where we operate. We seek partners, vendors and customers that believe in a net positive impact of business in the community.


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Reimagine™ Slumber Chocolates

Reimagine™ Zen Chocolates

Reimagine™ Relief Chocolates

Reimagine™ PMS Chocolates

Reimagine™ Desire Chocolates (coming soon!)


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