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Reimagine PMS

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Our PMS Chocolate may help with issues associated with your cycle during that time of the month, without being harsh on your system. 

Think of Reimagine PMS as your comforting and soothing friend.

Our proprietary blend includes organic ingredients like black haw which is known to ease menstrual cramps*. We created Reimagine PMS to be unlike any other product: 

  • Full-spectrum hemp containing CBD and the novel cannabinoid CBC 
  • Black Haw, traditionally used to help to reduce cramps*    
  • Responsibly-sourced, organic gourmet chocolate.  

Welcome to a plant-based alternative to help alleviate some of your menstrual symptoms:

If you are like many women, chocolate is a “go-to” during your monthly cycle and now you can enjoy it along with easing your aches and cramps. 

Lessens abdominal discomfort

Calms an upset stomach related to hormonal fluctuations 

Relief for nervous tension

Supporting the body in reducing every day anxiety and irritability, while promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

Ease those mood swings

It’s not you, it’s them! But in any case, our chocolates will help.

30 Day guarantee

Guaranteed to make you feel great, or your money back.

The 3 reasons why Reimagine™ PMS with be your BFF

We crafted these delicious chocolates to effectively ease menstrual symptoms

In addition to CBD, our custom blend features CBC, a rare hemp-derived cannabinoid that is unique among natural supplements. A better mood awaits!

Black haw and L-Theanine are nature’s other agents that help you feel more like yourself.

Better Ingredients Made for Peaceful Moon Cycles

Reimagine PMS helps you breeze through your cycle with ingredients you can trust (and it tastes really great!) Want to learn more about our ingredients? Take a look!

Organic dark chocolate

Black haw



Questions about Reimagine PMS? We’ve got answers.

Start with one chocolate and take more as needed.

We ship across the country in 4-6 days!

Absolutely, try them for a full month and if you don’t love them, simply send us an email and we will take care of you.

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Life changing!

Reimagine PMs has been life-changing! I no longer have one day a month where I can not function. And it tastes great!