Reimagine Zen Chocolate
Reimagine Zen Chocolate
Reimagine Zen Chocolate
Reimagine Zen Chocolate
Reimagine Zen Chocolate

Reimagine Zen Chocolate

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10 Mini Chocolate Bars 
Reimagine what is possible with chocolate.

Reimagine Your Peace of Mind

We combined our propietary blend of organic, healthy ingredients with rich chocolate to bring you a sense of calm when you need it most.

Your Relaxation Sidekick

Zen is for the go-getters who just struggle with seeing that needed piece of calm. Our unique botanical formula inspires a calming mental balance.

"Good For You" Chocolate

It's not uncommon to reach for a sugary snack when stress sets in. Make it a healthy alternative and your mind and body will thank you. 

Quiet Your Mind

There's so much going on around you, all of the time. Our premium blends are crafted to inspire a feeling of full-body calm and relaxation.

Better Ingredients Made To Relax

Reimagine Zen brings calm into your everyday life with healthier ingredients* And it tastes great!

Learn more about our ingredients here

Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Bean



The 3 Reasons Zen Will Be Your Best Friend

Stay Relaxed: At the end of your day, with all kinds of worries floating through your head, you don’t have hours to wait for your mind to settle down.

Calm Your Thoughts: The noise inside of your head can be difficult to escape. It takes effort to calm your mind, restore your focus, and start living a life that is free of unnecessary anxiety.

Achieve True Tranquility: Paradise isn’t a place - it’s a state of mind. Find tranquility by doing everything in your power to release tension and eliminate stress from your everyday life.

Hear From Fellow Chocolate Lovers

5 stars

I use Zen in the middle of a long day of Zoom calls when I feel a little anxious and it has helped me to reset!†

Kirsten M.

5 stars

I struggle with finding time to relax in my day. Zen helps me stay engaged and present throughout my day.†

Kalie B.

5 stars

I took Zen daily to help me with the stress of dealing with surgery and it made such a difference in keeping me calm.†

Brooke S.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
George Shumny
Excellent Experience!

The Reimagine Zen chocolate was amazing…..from the ingredients, to the taste to the wonderful calming effects, this is a top-notch product! Can’t wait to buy more!!

Heather Hernandez
Recommend Zen Chocolates

Delightful! I bought the Zen as well as the Relief chocolates. The Relief was tastier flavor. Both had very subtle impact. Product was tough to open -- so keep scissors handy. Surprising it was only 2 weeks ago- because we are about through both bags already. Time for a re-order.