Reimagine Slumber Drops
Reimagine Slumber Drops
Reimagine Slumber Drops

Reimagine Slumber Drops

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1oz Bottle - 30 Day Supply
Reimagine what is possible with drops, you're only one drop away.

Get Better Sleep. You Deserve It.

Our propietary blend of organic, healthy ingredients help encourage a better nights rest.

The Best Sleep Sidekick

Slumber is for the go-getters who just struggle with getting a good nights rest. Our unique botanical formula inspires a calming mental balance.

Catch Your Zzz's

Our ingredients work synergistically to help ease you into a deep sleep, making Slumber everything you could dream of in a sleep supplement*.

The ingredients

Blended By Us. Made For All

Organic California Poppy: Calms the nervous system*.

Organic Passionflower: Supports the body’s natural response to occasional anxiety and promotes restful sleep.*

Organic Valerian Root: A calming herb that helps prepare your body and mind for sleep.*

Quillaia: Derived from Soapbark, an ancient Evergreen tree used for millennia by the people of the Andes.

Reimagine Blend: Read about our proprietary blend here

Add Reimagine To Your Favorite Drink

Add 1-2 droppers to your favorite beverage, or if you prefer, place under your tongue & wait 10 seconds before swallowing! 

Hear From The Reimagine Community

5 stars

I use Reimagine Slumber every night to sleep more soundly. It's all plant-based and it works so well!†

Victoria R.

5 stars

HUGE fan of sleep drops. 1 dropperful a night and I'm asleep within a half hour. It's helped reverse the insomnia that has crept in during the Pandemic. Highly recommend.


5 stars

One dropper helps me fall asleep and I get at least 6 hours of solid slumber.†

Jay T.