"One dropper helps me fall asleep and I get at least 6 hours of solid slumber." - J.Thorson

Reimagine™ Slumber


Think of this as CBD 2.0! 
Includes 2 bottles, 1oz each

  • Find your ZZZ with ease and wake up refreshed*
  • With organic botanicals & adaptogens
  • Breakthrough use of the cannabinoid CBN
  • No melatonin
  • Support and guidance to help you succeed
  • Free access to our 30-day wellness challenge








Your Sleep Entourage Awaits

Are you searching for something that offers a better night’s sleep without worrying about grogginess the next day? Have you tried CBD products and found yourself disappointed?

Welcome to Reimagine™ Slumber! Our entourage of botanical ingredients work synergistically to help ease you into a deep sleep, making Reimagine™ Slumber is everything you could dream of in a sleep supplement*.

Get Ready to Relax

At the end of your day, with all kinds of worries floating through your head, you don’t have hours to wait for your mind to settle down.

Adaptogenic Technology

Our proprietary blend of adaptogens made from organic botanicals combined with broad-spectrum hemp oil can help you find that restful state of mind.*

A Refreshing New Day

Before you know it, you’re ready to zonk out! And it’s going to be a peaceful rest that leaves you rejuvenated and ready to rock the next morning*.

Reimagine Slumber: A New Way to Tackle an Old Problem

Our allergen-free, non-GMO botanical formula is built with adaptogens and broad-spectrum hemp oil with no synthetic or artificial additives.

The combination of CBD, CBN and other cannabi-noids in our unique blend is what sets Reimagine™ Slumber apart from other sleep supplements.*

Real People, Real Results

Victoria R.

I use Reimagine Slumber every night to sleep more soundly. It's all plant-based and it works so well!

Jay T.

One dropper helps me fall asleep and I get at least 6 hours of solid slumber.

Help Your Brain Help Itself

Melatonin is not for everyone, that’s why we don’t include it in Reimagine™ Slumber.

Instead, a bevy of botanicals designed to help soothe your muscles and relax your mind while allowing your body to produce its own melatonin*.

A Great Tomorrow Starts Tonight

We can help our minds and bodies to achieve the restful restoration needed to conquer the day ahead.

Start With Good Sleep Habits

Experts recommend avoiding screens 1-hour before bed, in addition to relaxing practices like journaling, meditation, and breathing exercises.

Slip Into Sleep

Think of this tincture filled with organic botanicals and full-spectrum cannabinoids as a way to wind-down so you can experience a deep, restful sleep that rejuvenates your body and mind.*

Enhanced Absorption

These easy-to-swallow tinctures with a proprietary technology were designed to enable your body to absorb their active ingredients quickly.

What’s Inside Slumber?

You won’t find any ingredients that will leave your brain feeling foggy or unfocused.

Our holistic ingredients are intended to calm your mind and body the way nature intended.*

Another thing that won’t trouble your mind? Worrying about this product’s ingredients.

No Artificial Flavors
No Melatonin
No Parabens
No Added Sweeteners
American-grown Hemp

How to use Reimagine Slumber

Gently shake the bottle before use. About 1 hour before going to bed, take one full dropper under your tongue and wait ~30 seconds before swallowing.

If you awake in the middle of the night, take one more dropper-full to ease you back to sleep.

You may notice a distinctly herbal taste as we do not use artificial sweeteners.

Customer Reviews

Our daily motivation is seeing how people can positively transform their lives. We thank you for your trust.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Janice B.
Once I got the dosage right for me

I used the full dropper for my first night and had terrible leg cramps. I was scared to use again and contacted Reimagine Wellness with my concerns. Lyn responded the next day and said that she only needs 1/3 to 1/2 for a restful sleep so I tried again this past Sunday and with just 1/4 of the dose I have been having the best sleep every night. No leg cramps at all. I wake up restful and able to attack my day with all kinds of energy. Slumber is for me. I have always been sensitive to what I take so I should have started off slow.
I love that Lyn was so responsive to my concerns related to the product and was there for me to give me some hints on dosage.
Great product and customer service.


HUGE fan of sleep tincture. 1 dropperful a night and I'm asleep within a half hour. It's helped reverse the insomnia that has crept in during the Pandemic. Highly recommend.

Susan L.

I tried the sleep tincture last night (it had beautiful packaging!) I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and had a wonderful night's sleep!

Lou T.

No proprietary blends, full label transparency. I’ve been using R S at home and on extended flights with none of the “hangover” effects
associated with Melatonin and
5 HTP.
The unique ingredients and the fact that Reimagine included CBN, tells me this formulation is a cut above!

Carl T.

Kathy D.

I've struggled with getting a good night's sleep for several years and have tried numerous products, some that didn't help at all and many that left me feeling groggy and fatigued the next day. Reimagine's Slumber is a remarkable breakthrough - I slept more soundly and awoke with a clear, refreshed mind, eager to start the day. What a miracle!


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Reimagine™ Slumber