"I normally wake up hungry, and tend to eat a lot in the morning – but when I take Reimagine Shape I stop obsessing about food." – Kalei B.

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Includes 2 bottles, 1oz each

Think of this as CBD 2.0

  • Helps manage appetite
  • With organic botanicals and adaptogens
  • Breakthrough use of rare cannabinoids like THCv
  • No artificial stimulants
  • Support and guidance to help you succeed
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Shape Begins on the Inside

Made from a broad-spectrum hemp extract and organic botanicals, Reimagine™
Shape is specifically formulated to support you in reaching your weight management goals.

Work Smarter, not harder

Reimagine™ Shape targets the endocannabinoid system to support connectivity between the brain and the gut.

Plant-based solution

Our proprietary blend combines these rare cannabinoids with organic green tea and other botanical extracts to support your dieting program.

Be a goal getter!

We are here to support your journey with our wellness community, and help you reach your goals.

A Lifestyle Supplement Designed for Results

Losing weight is always easier said than done.

Ever felt like you just need a little extra “oomph” to get the body you’ve always wanted? You are not alone.

Everyone knows that clean eating and exercise are the keys to living a healthy life, but so many people still struggle to manage their weight despite their commitment to the cause.

That’s where Reimagine™ Shape comes in.

Our innovative plant-based blend contains ingredients to support metabolism and help you manage your appetite.

Combine it with a healthy lifestyle to help you reach your weight management goal.*

Real People, Real Results

Kalei B.

5 stars!!! I normally wake up hungry and tend to eat a lot in the morning but when I take Shape, I stop thinking about food so much. Now my friends want to try it to help with intermittent fasting.

Sugata B.

I take Reimagine Shape in the evening when my food cravings usually spike and it keeps me from pigging out.

Reimagine is Designed to Work in Your Brain and Your Body

Our innovative combination contains pure broad-spectrum hemp extract with cannabinoids, like THC-V, which are absent in most CBD products in the market.

Emerging scientific research points to a specific cannabinoid, THC-V, for its effects in helping to curb cravings and maintain healthy blood sugar levels when used as part of a healthy diet.* And it won’t get you “high.”

While its name is similar to traditional THC, because of its molecular composition, our hemp derived THC-V compounds are 100% legal, lab-tested, and safe.

How To Achieve the Shape You Want

Combine our products with healthy habits including consistent exercise and a balanced diet. Our Wellness Community is ready to welcome you and support you in your journey.

Ditch Unrealistic Expectations

Forget all of those photoshopped images on Instagram. This isn’t designed to change who you are. The goal is to foster a healthier lifestyle that is fueled by plant-based wellness.

Become a Goal Getter

Write down realistic diet and exercise goals. Our Wellness Community is here to help you stick to your plan. Above all, trust the process and trust yourself.

Start Living The Life You’ve Imagined

It won’t happen overnight, but when you stick with your plan you’ll notice how much brighter you feel when you wake up in the morning, and how much more confident you are when you look at the mirror.

What’s inside Shape?

Forget about finding a quick fix or magic pill. The best way to effectively manage your weight starts by going back to basics.

With our broad-spectrum hemp, and the blend of organic botanicals inside Reimagine™ Shape, you’ll support the journey to looking and feeling your best!

The only thing more impressive than this product’s ingredients are what you WON’T find in Reimagine™ Shape

No Artificial Flavors
No Melatonin
No Parabens
No Added Sweeteners
American-grown Hemp

How to use Reimagine Shape

Gently shake the bottle before use. As you start your day, take one full dropper under your tongue and wait 30 seconds before swallowing.

Add an additional dropper-full in the evening, as needed.

You may notice a distinctly herbal taste as we do not use artificial sweeteners. If you prefer, add it to your favorite beverage.

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Reimagine Shape Special Offer 49