Reimagine Shape Drops — bundle of 2 bottles (2oz)
Reimagine Shape Drops — bundle of 2 bottles (2oz)
Reimagine Shape Drops — bundle of 2 bottles (2oz)
Reimagine Shape Drops — bundle of 2 bottles (2oz)

Reimagine Shape Drops — bundle of 2 bottles (2oz)

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The Benefits

Love Your Body. You Deserve It.

Our propietary blend of organic, healthier ingredients help encourage a better structured diet

Confidence In A Bottle

Our proprietary blend of organic botanicals unlocks a new, refreshed way for you to help curb your appetite*.

Manage Your Calories. Naturally.

It doesn't have to mean tracking every bite or giving yourself a daily calorie budget. Shape is designed to remove the heavy lifting by helping you control your appetite.*

Blended By Us. Made For All.

Organic White Mulberry Leaf: Traditionally used as part of the diet to balance blood sugar.*

Organic Licorice Root: Soothes and supports healthy digestion.*

Organic Rhodiola Root: A mood supporting herb.*

Cumin Seed: Used in traditional medicine to promote gut health and support metabolism through its warming effect.*

Quillaia: Derived from the bark of an evergreen tree, also known as soap bark, it promotes overall health and wellness.*

Reimagine Blend: Read about our proprietary blend here

Add Reimagine Drops To Your Favorite Drink

Add 1-2 droppers to your favorite beverage, or if you prefer, place under your tongue & wait 10 seconds before swallowing!

Hear From The Reimagine Community

5 stars

"I take Reimagine Shape in the evening when my food cravings usually spike and it keeps me from pigging out."†

Sugata B.

5 stars

"5 stars!!! I normally wake up hungry and tend to eat a lot in the morning but when I take Shape, I stop thinking about food so much." †

Kalei B.

5 stars

"So far I like it alot! It helps curb my appetite when I'm feeling snackish and I plan to use it as part of my effort to begin losing weight gained during the pandemic" †

Ben W.

Based on 34 reviews
Once I got the dosage right for me

I used the full dropper for my first night and had terrible leg cramps. I was scared to use again and contacted Reimagine Wellness with my concerns. Lyn responded the next day and said that she only needs 1/3 to 1/2 for a restful sleep so I tried again this past Sunday and with just 1/4 of the dose I have been having the best sleep every night. No leg cramps at all. I wake up restful and able to attack my day with all kinds of energy. Slumber is for me. I have always been sensitive to what I take so I should have started off slow.
I love that Lyn was so responsive to my concerns related to the product and was there for me to give me some hints on dosage.
Great product and customer service.

HUGE fan of sleep tincture. 1 dropperful a night and I'm asleep within a half hour. It's helped reverse the insomnia that has crept in during the Pandemic. Highly recommend.

Reimagine...the name says it all! Shape has helped me get a kick start on eating better and motivating me to be a more healthy me!

Reimagine Shape makes me forget all about that afternoon snack attack. The CBD + THC-V cannabinoids really curb the cravings!

Shape curbs my appetite and is amazing. I love that it is totally natural and plant based without side effects.

I tried the sleep tincture last night (it had beautiful packaging!) I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and had a wonderful night's sleep!

No proprietary blends, full label transparency. I’ve been using R S at home and on extended flights with none of the “hangover” effects
associated with Melatonin and
5 HTP.
The unique ingredients and the fact that Reimagine included CBN, tells me this formulation is a cut above!

Carl T.

I've struggled with getting a good night's sleep for several years and have tried numerous products, some that didn't help at all and many that left me feeling groggy and fatigued the next day. Reimagine's Slumber is a remarkable breakthrough - I slept more soundly and awoke with a clear, refreshed mind, eager to start the day. What a miracle!

At first I was skeptical, but I can vouch for its effects, I could feel more relaxed just a few minutes after trying the 3000. I'm going to get one for my sister too.

The Slumber Tincture really shortens the time it takes me to fall asleep. My sleep has felt restful and rejuvenating on the nights I’ve used it! Five stars!

Reimagine™ Zen
Kirsten N.

I have used it in the middle of a long day of Zoom calls when I feel a little fuzzy headed (thanks again, menopause). So far so good! It has helped me to reset and gain clarity. Thank you for both of these formulas Reimagine!

Love it, no crazy urgency to stuff my face!!!! Also I like the way it tastes... it’s earthy for sure but good

The pandemic has hurt my ability to sleep but slumber works to help me fall asleep or go back to sleep if I don't get a full night

It's the best thing I've tried, and I've tried a lot, but I'm not willing to use many products because of the ingredients. This is all natural and works beautifully for me

So far I like it alot! It helps curb my appetite when I'm feeling snackish and I plan to use it as part of my effort to begin losing weight gained during the pandemic

The tincture helps me relax and nod off easily

It does work and kept me full! I will definitely buy more

Zen helps calm my mind so I can wind down and even sleep better

Has been the only thing that really helped me sleep well. It normally takes me an hour+ to fall asleep

I love it! So natural and really works

Zen formula helps me relax and I also helps me sleep better.

If I wake up in the middle of the night, 1/2 dropper gets me back to sleep within 10 mins and I feel very rested in the morning

Love it, I've lost 6 lbs in combination with an overall effort to lose weight

I took 1/2 dropper at 430 and hardly felt hungry all night

Deifinetly helps me sleep better but I find the taste quite strong