Copy of Slumber Chocolate - 3 Night Trial
Copy of Slumber Chocolate - 3 Night Trial
Copy of Slumber Chocolate - 3 Night Trial

Copy of Slumber Chocolate - 3 Night Trial

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Your sidekick in getting a better nights sleep.  Try today for free. All you pay is shipping. 3 Mini Chocolate Bars Included in Free Sample
Limited to 1 order per household.
Trial:3 Night Trial


Get Better Sleep. You Deserve It.

We combined our propietary blend of organic, healthy ingredients with rich chocolate to bring you a sense of calm when you need it most.

The Best Sleep Sidekick

Slumber is for the go-getters who just struggle with getting a good nights rest. Our unique botanical formula inspires a calming mental balance.

"Good For You" Chocolate

It's not uncommon to reach for a sugary snack when stress sets in. Make it a healthy alternative and your mind and body will thank you. 

Catch Your Zzz's

These aren't just your favorite candy. Slumber helps you re-discover the sleep you deserve.

Quick delivery

Get Your Reimagine Slumber 3 Night Trial Delivered within 4-6 days of placing your order.

Better Ingredients Made For Sleep

Reimagine Slumber helps you discover better sleep with healthy ingredients (and it tastes really great!)

Dark Chocolate

Juju-Be Dates

Get better sleep for free today

The 3 Benefits That'll Make Slumber Your BFF

Stay Relaxed: At the end of your day, with all kinds of worries floating through your head, you don’t have hours to wait for your mind to settle down.

Better Sleep: No more worrying about getting a good nights sleep.

More Energy: An increase in sleep, only leads to an increase in daily energy. Make the most out of every day.

Hear From Fellow Chocolate Lovers

5 stars

" Slumber has helped me since the night I started using it. Sometimes I even eat 2. " †

Kaile M.

5 stars

" I use Reimagine Slumber every night to sleep more soundly. It's all plant-based and it works so well!" †

Victoria R.

5 stars

I used to struggle getting more than 5 hours of sleep per night. With Slumber, I now get a full nights rest.

Jay T.